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How to prepare pizza at home in your own kitchen oven
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Discover all the secrets of homemade pizza


    Pizza, everyone in the world, this dish is enough. One of the most appreciated Italian excellences. Perfect at any time of the day, it often becomes a real alternative dinner. It is found in the most diverse flavors, with the simplest or most complex doughs, thick, fine, crunchy, soft… it can satisfy your tastes or expectations. From the most classic flavors, Margherita, marinara, Neapolitan, to the local or personal flavors of each pizza maker. Everything is easier when it is done in the right environments, with the right machinery and with the necessary time, but when do we decide to do it at home? Everything gets complicated, something is always missing, and the result often does not satisfy us at all.

Let's prepare our pizza together:
● The flours to use

● The yeast

● The dough

● Leavening

● the dividing

● Preparation of ingredients

● Facing

● The mozzarella

● The tomato

● The assembly

● Cooking

● Lunch with freshly baked pizzas !!!

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Let's face all the difficulties of homemade pizza together. From the dough to the management of the ingredients, the leavening and the preparation of the pizzas. The cooking. A very delicate moment, especially when we do it in home ovens, where temperatures are not very controllable and manageable. And finally we will taste the result in a selection of freshly baked pizzas made by you! Let's have fun together and learn how to make pizza at home !!!

Schedule of the Day:
  • Let's have fun together and learn how to give Pizza !!
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