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A day in the kitchen

In a day you can prepare a whole Italian meal, with traditional recipes to learn our typical cuisine. You will work directly in the kitchen, with our Chef CECILIA, and she will teach you her secrets about Tuscan flavours. During our cooking course you will prepare, with your hands everything.

Do you know, italian meal is always made with different courses, so you will cook, a first course, like soup or pasta, a main course, like meat (beef or pork, or other), then you will finish with a cake. it's a totally hands on class, where you cut meat, make the sauces, prepare dome for cakes, roast in the oven or cook into the pan. You will know some of our special istruments like "Passatutto", or "Mezzaluna" very common in the italian kitchens but completely unknown in most part of the world.

When your job will be complete, you will start your lunch; at the beginning you will taste some local products like cheese, or salami, or something else.. and after you can eat the dishes your prepared during the cooking class. The most traditonal and typical Tuscan flavours. But you will find many other things... very important to give you the true "Sensations of the Tuscan life".

Wine Tasting School

Wine Tasting School

During the cooking lesson you will taste three different type of wines, with our Sommelier Massimo, and you'll arrive to know our wines their peculiarity and how to choose the right wine to match to the course. - Wine-matching.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil School

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil School

This very particolay aliment, thet you find in our dieta, so healty, so good, so complexe, so unique in this area... you find a perfect lesson about it, with our olive-oil panel tester, which will explain you the history of olive oil, how we produce it and the technical news about it and at the end there will be different Italian olive oils tasting.

The Tuscan Cooking school will teach you ho to prepare a complete Italian meal and how to taste wine and olive-oil so when you go back home you can prepare a real TUSCAN MEAL FOR YOUR FRIENDS!!! and explain them because is better and healthier your new method learn from us.

This lesson will start at 10:00 a.m. and will finish at around 2:30 p.m., after lunch. Everything is included, also all the recipes you cooked in order to remember everything. You will also receive a nice present to be taken home, which will remind you your cooking experience at La Gramola and make you willing repeating the experience in your own kitchen.

You can do one or more lessons (as you decide), each lesson will be different, you will continuosly grow and your preparation will give you the ability to be a real tuscan chef! Remember: we arrange these cooking courses on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, booking is kindly requested.


Homemade pasta

During this cooking course we arrive to learn one of the most important and typical coulinary element in the Italian cuisine. That is the "Italian brand" in the world: PASTA. Is something we all know, and in this cooking course you can appreciate all secrets about it. After La Gramola cooking course you will be able to prepare many different Italian pasta-dishes for your friends, in your home, with your hands ... everything thanks to our cooking school.

In this course you will prepare, with your hands, and our Chef CECILIA, a lot of different kind of pasta, different shapes, different size, different preparations to make: Lasagne, Ravioli, Tortellini, Pappardelle, Tagliatelle, Penne, Spaghetti, etc. understanding where is the difference.

Our course is not finished yet, after having made the pasta, you will make yourself comfortable sitting at the table and you will taste each type of pasta you made with different sauces, which correspond to many different pasta-dishes, from the very simple and easy ones to very complexe and difficult ones. Our Chef CECILIA will explain you what you need to prepare all recipes at home.

So, in this lesson you will learn how to make pasta and how you can have e fantastic success with your friends!!
This lesson starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends around 2:00 p.m. after lunch. Everything is included, also the recipes to remember how make handmade pasta. You will also receive a nice present to work in your kitchen at home. Remember: we arrange these cooking courses on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, booking is kindly requested.