Join Us in Our Kitchen!

Tuscan flavor and experience

In Osteria La Gramola's fantastic dishes you can find true tradition. In our cooking we use fresh local products and old methods from Florentine history.

You can go back through many centuries and taste medieval sensations, Medici’s recipes or country cuisine from XVI century and Pope’s cakes, and then experience innovation and new sensations of our time with our Chef Cecilia, who can arrange the best meal you ever had!

Research about historical Tuscan cuisine in ancient libraries, interviews with grandmothers, and repeated analysis of results led to true traditional flavors. A real tour in Tuscan families, testing their flavors: you can't come here and go without this experience!

A Full Experience

We can arrange for you a tour in various places to let you gain a unique insight into our area, visiting farms, artisans and small organizations where you can discover our life and history. You can observe everywhere people's true lives and experiences.

Simply tell us your preferences, and we will arrange your trip:
A visit to a shepherd, its sheep and pecorino cheese production
A visit to a pottery artist, for an introduction to his job and his particular works
A visit to farms, to discover and test wine and traditional products from our area like Chianti, Chianti Classico, Super Tuscan etc., and our unique extra-virgin olive oil